Arbeiten bei Weltmarktführern
Arbeiten bei Weltmarktführern

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Have you always dreamed of an exciting job in the industry sector? Then you’ve come to the right place here. Launch your career at one of our global market leaders. We offer you an exclusive selection of medium-sized companies that make use of this candidate database. The economy of the Ortenau region and its products are crucial to the global market Ortenau is the industrial heartland of Baden-Württemberg. By using this database you will boost the chances of success for one single application by 160 times! Apply now and become part of the extremely successful company landscape of Ortenau. Avoid laborious correspondence. Get your career going with just a few clicks. Here you have the opportunity to simultaneously apply for vacant positions with numerous market leaders. This service is secure and free.

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We are looking for skilled workers as well as helpers for various sectors, for example automotive, logistics, metalwork, mechanical engineering and media.

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Owner-managed mid-sized businesses and renowned global market leaders. Entrepreneurs who personally know and value all of their employees. Incomparable opportunities for advancement and development. Pleasant working conditions in challenging and highly modern companies. Ortenau is innovative and inspires innovation.