About us

Exact Systems has been operating since 2004 and is now a leading provider of quality control solutions, i.e. selection, repair and sorting of parts, components and finished products for the automotive industry. The main customers of the company are providers and suppliers to the automotive industry and car manufacturers. The company's customers are also establishments engaged in mass production in the electronics industry, household appliances and cosmetics.

Koho hľadáme

We are mainly looking for Quality Controllers. Quality Controller is a person responsible for order execution of control, repair and sorting of components and finished products, in accordance with criteria given by the Client. Quality Controller must have specific manual skills, abilities to work according to procedure and instruction, must know measurement techniques and can read technical drawing. Person employed as a Quality Controller should have skill in using caliper, feeler or micrometer and should be involved in realization of every commissioned order. Young, ambitious and eager for self-development people prove suitable for this position.

Čo ponúkame

The Exact Systems e-learning platform is an on-line tool enabling the recruitment process for the Quality Controller position without having to be physically present at the recruitment office. The candidate has the opportunity to complete all stages of recruitment without leaving home and saving his valuable time.